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About HouseMate

Housemate is an inter-connected application for the future smart home. The purpose of Housemate is to facilitate independent living, giving back a dementia sufferer some control and dignity. A specially designed user experience makes the application incredibly simple to use, bringing some order to the complexity of the home.

I am proud to present this as my final year project for Digital Culture, a course at the Glasgow School of Art I have seen evolve into something so great over the past four years.

The Home Environment

People asked me, you know, how difficult is life? How does it affect Irene? It affected every single thing in her life, from getting up in the morning, brushing her teeth, having a shower.

Dementia became more than what my mother couldn’t remember. As the disease progressed it began to affect everything that she did. And eventually even the most trivial tasks become impossible for my mother to perform. The home environment became more confusing than ever and interfacing with any device was an impossible challenge for her everyday.


For millions of people around the world, precious memories – and even parts of their identity – are stripped away by dementia. And as our population lives longer and longer, more of us than ever before face the harsh realities of this illness.

So perhaps we can turn to engineering and technology to offer some hope in the short term and to alleviate the burden on the sufferers of this illness and their carers.

An application to let you live with dementia rather than suffer from it.

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